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Monday 19th August 2020

We have been going through some difficult ‘Covid-19’ times. People are talking about ‘the new normal’. What is that and what does it mean? Going through changes can be difficult for many people. However, I think dealing with uncertainty and the ‘not knowing’ about the next week, month, or year can be a challenge for many. Sitting with uncertainty can be uncomfortable. It seems that for some people this may be overwhelming and may cause anxiety. Perhaps at times we can concentrate on the ‘certainties’ in life. The seasons continue, the plants are growing. We can see animals and birds busy. Perhaps you can focus on two or things each day that have made life a little easier. It could be as simple as watching the sun set, opening a window, or stepping outside for a breath of fresh air. What are you be grateful for today?


'In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity' - Albert Einstein

Taken from the publications of BKIS publications,'

'Self-control is the ability to withdraw and still the mind at any time'.

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