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'Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step'. Lao Tzu

'Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you' Maori Proverb


Sunday 19th November

One thing that has struck me during my travels around has been the beauty of the leaves on the trees. Whether it is in the city or the countryside. Whilst walking I have noticed the vibrant colours of red, orange, yellow, brown and green. Even today, there are still lots of leaves on the trees. It made me think about how others cope with their anxiety. Do you take time out? Are you able to go for a walk? If so, what do you notice? Has your mind been distracted and your focus changed to something else? Have you been able to calm down a little? I understand there are health benefits to walking. Is this something you could make time for?

Tuesday 15th August

Now is the holiday season. Some people may go away and others may do something different in the summer. It may be a time to reflect on life, focus on something different and changes to be made. People can build up their resilience by changing their routine, chilling and taking time out. It seems important that we allow ourselves ‘me time’. It is alright to ‘do nothing’. A change of scenery, visiting places, spending time with friends and family can all help to relax. How do you take time out and relax? It often seems that thinking about good times, places, experiences can get people through the more difficult times.

Thursday 23rd February

It seems that sometimes people seem afraid to take a risk by talking openly to others about their thoughts and feelings. Sometimes it may appear that assumptions are made about how the other person may react.  However, if there is willingness for sharing inner thoughts, open communication and trust may allow someone to become closer to another. Sometimes an individual may voice what others in a group may be thinking and may not have had the confidence to say.

5th February 2017

On the 27th January I heard an article on Woman’s Hour. It was Olivia Newton-John, Beth Neilsen Chapman and Amy Sky performing and talking about bereavement. I found their music from their album ‘Liv On’ beautiful, and the words poignant. They were expressing their personal grief. In the interview it was said that people often want to talk about grief and loss but are not given opportunities. In my experience some people find it difficult to do this. I wonder if people listening to the album may start expressing their own grief.
15th January 2017

I have noticed that the birds have started to sing, getting ready for spring. The days have started to become lighter. The new growth of plants have started. I have seen the first snow drops. People grow and develop throughout life. Is now a time to start exploring your own personal growth and development. I could help you with this.

11th January 2017

The wind today has blown down trees in my local area. It brings me to think that although we try to harness nature, in the end nature always wins. Nature can be devastating but yet beautiful. When obstacles fall in the way so often what might be taken for granted is then appreciated.

1st January 2017

Happy 2017 - This is a time of the year when some people are thinking about making 'New Year's Resolutions'. Making changes can be all well and good if they work. Often people struggle with keeping resolutions after a few days or weeks. People can go through several cycles of change before these become permanent. When making changes it is important that the goals that are set are achievable. Try making small changes are first.

 27th  December 2016

Often when celebrating Christmas or ' Holiday Time', people seem to become enwrapped in the commercial aspect. They may have a wish list of what they would like to purchase or receive at Christmas. What often seems to be forgotten is that for many the importance might be to make time for family and friends. In one of my jobs I often meet people who are socially isolated, and it can be a real challenge to get through the Christmas period without meeting others. Spare a thought for these people. Is there anything you can do to support a neighbour or friends who are alone at this time. Are you the one who is lonely. You can call 'The Samaritans'  on 116 123 any time of the day and night if you have no one to speak to. Alternatively call me  on 07407 247750 and we can make an appointment for you  to speak to me in the New Year.

22nd November 2016

People sometimes have intrusive thoughts about things they had more control of. Often distraction can help. What can help distract your attention? Immersing in a favourite film, TV programme or book might help for some.

10th November 2016

It seems that all the hype of the USA presidential election is leaking into society here in the UK. It seems to have caused some people anxiety. Can anxiety be recognised? Feelings of rapid shallow breathing, palpitations and sweating can be symptoms of this. Exercise, being kind to oneself and muscle relaxation call all help to cope with anxiety. I felt panicky when I realised I had left my purse on a bench in central London. I went back to the bench and found a young lady sitting by the purse saying that she was looking after it. Nothing had been taken out. I was so grateful and thanked her profusely. I relaxed and my attention turned to the thoughtfulness of humankind.

20th September 2016

Autumn is coming and often animals are getting ready for winter. Some people may feel like staying at home and hibernating now that the nights are drawing in. However, this could be a time to do new things, meet new people and find a new physical exercise to do so that you can get through those dark evenings.

26th June 2016

With the recent poll concluding that Britain is to exit Europe there seems to be much uncertainty around. Uncertainty can be really difficult for people to deal with and contain. With time it can become easier. Sometimes it is useful to concentrate on the present. The past has already happened and cannot be changed. The future has not happened yet so why worry when it may be unnecessary. It may be helpful to use some breathing exercises to relax you or some grounding techniques to keep you focussed on the present.

23rd June 2016

Part of working as a counsellor includes keeping up with 'Continuing Professional Development'. Leeds Bereavement Forum has put on some excellent Training Conferences in the past. The one yesterday was no exception. The conference was entitled, 'Is Leeds a City of Sanctuary for refugees and asylum seekers facing bereavement'. I thought the conference was apt as it was held during Refugee Week'. I found all the speakers spoke movingly about the loss that had touched their lives. As well as bereavement refugees often have further loss. For example, people might have limited rights to housing, health, jobs, finance and movement to other destinations etc. Sometimes I think it is useful to think of our own humanity and what we can do together to help people who have fled their own country because their lives have been in danger.

2nd May 2016

 An interesting report today about end of life care. I believe patient choice should be at the forefront of care. I guess things can be easier for some if people are prepared to talk early about what they want at the end of their life.

19th April 2016

I often use the internet and smart phone. When these things were not functioning recently I noticed how reliable I have become in using them. It seems that sometimes focusing on simple things can be helpful. For example, using a pen and paper to write down information can be quite reliable and satisfying.
3rd April 2016

If you don’t believe in yourself, no one will #pauseforathought
Gaining confidence can be challenging and may need to be worked on. It needs to come from within.

29th March 2016

The Christian Festival of Easter and early springtime can represent new life and changes.
To do things differently and break cycles, changes need to be made but can seem quite scary at first.

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